Democratic Governance and Economic Reform

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Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism: What Is a Market Economy and How Can It Deliver?
سرمایه داری خوب، سرمایهداری بد
This article is based on the remarks delivered by Robert Litan at “Democracy that Delivers: An International Conference on Improving the Quality of Democratic Governance and Economic Growth,” held in Washington, DC on October 27, 2009. The remarks were inspired by Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism, and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity by William J. Baumol, Robert E. Litan, and Carl J. Schramm, available from Yale University Press.
Helping build Democracy that Delivers
ساختن دیموکراسی که مصدر خدمت گردد
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) supports reformers around the world who are advancing the cause of political and economic freedom. Democracy is the best hope for people everywhere to improve their lives. Since democracy flourishes in market economies, CIPE recognizes the vital role of the private sector in building prosperous, free societies. CIPE has found ways to nurture independent voices of reform among private sector partners. CIPE’s proven advocacy strategies and capacity-building programs for business associations aid democratic development on two fronts. The first is the creation of effective, responsive institutions for good policies and good governance. The second is the grassroots involvement of all types of businesspeople who take ownership of the reform process itself.
Economic Reform: Building Democracies and Markets in Post Conflict Context
ساختن دیموکراسی هاومحیط بعد از جنگ بازار ها در
Post-conflict reconstruction is a challenging process for any nation recovering from protracted violence, and is often looked at with a dose of criticism and skepticism. CIPE’s experience suggests one way to approach the complex challenges is to view the process as a balancing act of providing sufficient humanitarian relief without compromising longer-term development objectives.These longer-term objectives include developing institutions – not government agencies, but political, economic, and social structures and mechanisms – that allow free market democracies to take root.
Corruption- Private Sector Perspectives and Solutions
فساد سره مبارزه: د خصوصی سکټور له نظره او د حل لاری
Corruption in many countries is no longer silently accepted. Largely responsible for the change in attitudes were the increased awareness of costs associated with corruption and the rise in the number of countries that embrace democratic freedoms and market economies. But as the awareness of corruption becomes more widespread, the need for sustainable solutions is more urgent.
Democratic Governance- The Key to Political and Economic Reforms
حکومت داری دیموکراتیک : اساس وکلید ریفورم سیاسی واقتصادی
Lack of democratic governance seriously threatens democracy-building and market-based reforms worldwide. In some countries, the absence of democratic governance has engendered populism, socialism, and even terrorism. Establishing the necessary governance institutions is essential to the future of democracy and free markets and to the stability of the international system.