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National Business Agenda Guidebook: The Voice of Business
چطور میتوان بطور موثر مدافعه نمود: رهنمودی برای انجمن های تجاری
A national business agenda (NBA) is a vital tool for the business community to encourage investment and stimulate business activity and economic growth. Developing an agenda mobilizes the business community to use its skills to effect public policy reform by setting legislative and regulatory priorities and clearly communicating them to policymakers.

Governance Principles for Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce
و اطــــــــاق هــای تجارتبرای انجمن های کــاروباریاصول حکومت داری
The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and the World Chambers Federation (WCF) developed a set of principles in order to facilitate good governance within business associations. These principles provide a starting platform for developing and strengthening specific mechanisms related to good governance.

Making the Most of Public-Private Dialogue: An Advocacy Approach
اَفزایش گُفتگومیان سکتور های عامه و خُصوصی:یک طریقۀ مدافعوی
Public-private dialogue strengthens policymaking by incorporating valuable private input and creating momentum for reform. For dialogue to be most productive, the private sector must take initiative to advocate for its priorities in a participatory policy process. This toolkit aids business leaders who seek to improve their participation in dialogue for better policy results.

How to Advocate Effectively- A Guidebook for Business Associations
چطور میتوان بطور موثر مدافعه نمود:رهنمودی برایانجمن های تجاری
CIPE helps business organizations around the world to develop and implement their advocacy programs. While local organizations identify constraints to business and develop policy recommendations to improve the business climate and unleash entrepreneurship in their own country, CIPE provides financial and technical assistance in the advocacy process. CIPE also maintains a reform network of like-minded organizations, which allows private sector organizations to learn from the experiences of their counterparts in other emerging markets.

This guidebook draws on successes from around the world to present a detailed guide on how to advocate effectively.