Tashabos Entrepreneurship Education


Tashabos is taught annually to 50,000 boys and girls in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.

Launched as a pilot project in 2005, CIPE’s Tashabos course now provides instruction to over 40,000 girls and boys in 44 high schools in Afghanistan.  With the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, Tashabos teaches students about entrepreneurship, business, and leadership. By 2010, the course had expanded to a three year curriculum for 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Since 2010, 30,000 students have completed the full curriculum.

The course provides Afghan youth with the knowledge needed to participate in a market economy, become active citizens, assume leadership roles to help them become successful entrepreneurs, and to play a key role in the economic growth, reconstruction efforts and community development in their country.

Studying entrepreneurship through Tashabos helped Mohammad Ali Shaida from Bamiyan Province start a carpentry business.

In 2012, 748 Tashabos students started their own small businesses or expanded a family business, creating 1,280 jobs.

Tashaobs Students’ Success Stories
Haseena graduated from Zarghona High School in 2011 where she completed the three-year Tashabos program. She started a clothing business and now employs 200 women across Afghanistan, designing clothes that combine traditional Afghan designs with modern clothing. Haseena also mentors current Tashabos students interested in starting their own businesses.

Fayez is a current Tashabos student at Ashiqan Arifan High School. Fayez started a small business selling pet fish to his friends and neighbors. He builds his own fish tanks and designs decorative features for the aquariums.

Aziza is a current Tashabos student at Rukhshana High School. Her father worked at a factory producing tools for carpet weaving. After learning about business and entrepreneurship, Aziza talked with her father about starting their own business. Her father agreed to his own tool business, and now earn more than he did at the factory.

CIPE has several videos highlighting the Tashabos program here.