Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry

CIPE is implementing a three-year project, supported by the British High Commission (BHC) in Islamabad, to help launch and build the capacity of the newly-formed Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI). The goal of the project is to foster greater cooperation between the private sectors of Pakistan and Afghanistan, thereby increasing prosperity in both countries, and strengthening a shared commitment to a more stable future among Pakistanis and Afghans. Respective country offices of PAJCCI were registered by the Afghanistan Chamber September 2011, and November 2011 by the Karachi Chamber. CIPE will provide technical assistance to PAJCCI in Karachi and Kabul over three years.

CIPE and BHC expect that after the project, PAJCCI will be able to function without further financial support. In addition to training workshops, CIPE’s technical assistance will involve day-to-day support, including assistance with governance, legal and financial issues. CIPE is retaining the services of a lawyer to advise PAJCCI on legal questions that may arise, including ensuring that PAJCCI’s bylaws and board decisions correspond with relevant country laws.