• Policy Roundtables
  • CIPE conducts policy roundtables to bring together government officials and stakeholders to discuss economic policy reforms focused on current legislative issues. These roundtables are designed to analyze more intensively the root causes of corruption in various settings and to formulate policy recommendations that can be advocated to the government.

  • Parliamentary Training Program
  • CIPE and its partners in the parliament established a business caucus that would provide a platform enabling MPs with a keen interest in promoting a more robust business climate to work together to fashion policies that will generate greater commerce and business growth and spur new business and job creation. CIPE is bringing together key representatives of the private sector for regular meetings with the business caucus to discuss the issues confronting the economy and to formulate appropriate policy solutions to address those issues.

  • Provincial Council Training Program
  • In 2010-2011, CIPE provided training in democratic governance and market economics to 30 Provincial Councils in Afghanistan. Following the initial program, CIPE began a follow up program providing technical seminars for the Economic Commissions of the Provincial Councils. In addition, CIPE is assisting the Provincial Councils to set up working groups comprised of members of the Provincial Council, local government officials, and business leaders. CIPE provides training on advocacy to the working groups and helps them identify and resolve provincial policy issues.

  • National Business Agenda (NBA)
  • In 2011, CIPE worked with a coalition of business associations to launch the Afghanistan National Business Agenda (NBA), a set of policy priorities of the business community. The NBA provided a tool for a successful advocacy exercise for the coalition; many of the recommendations contained in the NBA have been implemented. CIPE is continuing to support the advocacy efforts of the coalition as well as reaching out to other prominent groups who actively work on economic and business issues to enlist their support.

  • Tashabos High School Entrepreneurship Education
  • CIPE’s Tashabos high school entrepreneurship course provides Afghan youth with an understanding of business, entrepreneurship, and leadership to provide them with the knowledge to participate in a market economy, become active citizens, assume leadership roles to help them become successful entrepreneurs, and to play a key role in the economic growth, reconstruction efforts and community development in their country.

  • Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • With the support of the British High Commission, CIPE is assisting the business communities in Pakistan and Afghanistan to establish a joint chamber of commerce to foster greater cooperation between the private sectors of Pakistan and Afghanistan, thereby increasing prosperity in both countries, and strengthening a shared commitment to a more stable future among Pakistanis and Afghans.