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Tashabos Students Hold Exhibition

30. June 2014

CIPE provided technical assistance to the Tashabos Education Organization, an independent Afghan entity now managing the Tashabos youth entrepreneurship program originally launched by CIPE, in holding handicraft exhibitions in eight schools across Kabul province. The exhibition gave the students a […]

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CIPE Conducts Training on Tashabos Curriculum

24. March 2014

CIPE conducted a training seminar for ten teachers at Sofia Private School on market economics, entrepreneurship, teaching methodology, and children’s rights. CIPE shared its expertise from the Tashabos high school entrepreneurship course, which is taught in 44 high schools across […]

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Tashabos Students Start 1,100 Businesses in 2013

13. January 2014

During the first week of January, CIPE conducted a survey of students in the Tashabos youth entrepreneurship course to assess the impact of the program. Last year, 1,100 students started businesses which led to the creation of 3,717 jobs. CIPE […]

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Tashabos Students Take Final Test

23. December 2013

Students in CIPE’s three-year Tashabos high school entrepreneurship course took their final test. The results were compared to a pre-test taken at the beginning of the year to measure the students’ progress, and indicated that over three quarters of students […]

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