Afghanistan National Business Agenda

Afghanistan National Business Agenda

In 2011, CIPE worked with a coalition of business associations to launch the Afghanistan National Business Agenda (NBA), a set of policy priorities of the business community. The NBA provided a tool for a successful advocacy exercise for the coalition; […]

Tashabos Entrepreneurship Education

Tashabos Entrepreneurship Education

CIPE’s Tashabos high school entrepreneurship course provides Afghan youth with an understanding of business, entrepreneurship, and leadership to provide them with the knowledge to participate in a market economy, become active citizens, assume leadership roles to help them become successful […]

28 July 2014

CIPE Attends US Embassy Meeting on Economic Issues

CIPE Afghanistan Program Manager Matiullah Murad attended a meeting in Jalalabad on economic issues organized by the U.S. Embassy. Murad discussed CIPE’s programs in the region, including the Provincial Business Agenda (PBA), policy roundtables, and the training program for provincial […]

21 July 2014

PAJCCI Appeals Against Corruption

President of the Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khan Jan Alokozai issued an appeal to truck drivers at the Torkham border crossing with Pakistan to not pay bribes. Alokozai also met this week with the Customs Department at […]

30 June 2014

Tashabos Students Hold Exhibition

CIPE provided technical assistance to the Tashabos Education Organization, an independent Afghan entity now managing the Tashabos youth entrepreneurship program originally launched by CIPE, in holding handicraft exhibitions in eight schools across Kabul province. The exhibition gave the students a […]

9 June 2014

Business Leaders Discuss Barriers to Business in Jalalabad

Business Leaders Discuss Barriers to Business in Jalalabad

On June 4, over 400 business leaders met in Jalalabad at a CIPE-organized event to discuss ways to improve the business climate in Nangarhar Province. This was the first major event as part of the Provincial Business Agenda program, organized […]